Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 15, 2012

I have been working hard to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. Lots of cleaning, organizing, and collecting. I have a decent sized cloth napkin collection, place mats, and dishes. It's going to be a paper free Thanksgiving. Oh, how I love Thanksgiving. Did I mention we're hosting this year? Scott's turkey is delicious. I can't wait.

Penny has started to talk more. She's definitely on the later side for talking. Her favorite words are cheese, Abby, mommy, daddy, water, peepee, mine, that, here, and read. (Really, what more do you need to know?) Notice Vera's name isn't on the list. Penny is still trying to figure Vera's name out. I've heard her say it on occasion, but it's more of a rear-wa sound.

Another Penny thing. She started playing with figures. I love figurines of all types. We have a bin of random animals, Pokemon creatures, humans, etc that the girls dig through nearly daily. Penny enjoys lining them up, or placing them in the doll house.

Vera is still awake at 10:45. I can't sleep until everyone else is asleep.

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