Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 1, 2012

Lately, Penny hates sitting in her car seat. She willingly goes into the car - to play and push buttons - but to sit? Nah. Scott had the hardest time this afternoon trying to get Penny to sit. I was at work, and he had all three girls with him running errands and doing laundry. He called me when he was at his wits end. The laundry had been sitting at the laundromat for 50 minutes, and Penny was screaming. He got her to sit in a carrier, and they all took a walk. After awhile, Penny was calm enough, or tired enough, to sit in her seat so they could grab the laundry.

I am not sure how to get around this. Scott, nor I, want to turn her seat around. I think turning her seat will be a temporary solution. Once the novelty wears off, we'll be back to square one. So, I tried snacks, but she's lost all interest in those veggie/fruit packs. My paranoia with choking prohibits me from giving her crunchy type food in the car. I guess that leaves a fancy toy? Something that beebs, and will drive me and the other girls nuts? I hope this passes. Could there be a connection between teething and car sickness?

Also, and maybe this is related, Penny is having the funky mucus and specks of blood poo again. What the hell? I'm monitoring our diets, again, and watching her like a hawk.

So anyways, that's where we are.

Vera turns five next month. Five! A whole hand, as we say. 

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