Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lots of nausea around here, again. December, I had two bouts of vomiting, and I have no idea what they were related to. I put an app on my tablet called My Days, that tracks your period and predicts your dates. What I like about it is, I can keep notes and track when I feel sick. Everyone has their own theory about my stomach issues. It's too much anxiety, it's all in my head, it's food issues, it's the c-section, it's period related, it's who knows what. What ever it is, I'd seriously like to feel better.

Well, lessons start again tomorrow. I'm going to ease Vera into Math 1. She's excited, and I'm eager to see how she does with it. I'm planning a slow day to get back into the groove. I only need to go get rabbit food tomorrow.

Oh! I nearly forgot. Penny tore her upper frenulum this morning. Scott and I can't figure out exactly how it happened, but after some CSI type investigations, we think she smacked her face on the dinning room table, and then lost her balance, and fell backwards off the dinning room table chair. That probably sounds worse than it actually was. Really, it was another reason toddlers should not stand on dinning room table chairs. The frenulum tore nearly to the base, and the sucker bled quite bad. Scott and I debated going to the er for stitches. We didn't go because, really, I wasn't about to hold Penny down for one stitch, and nursing with stitches in your mouth has to be a bitch, and I was able to get the bleeding to stop - by nursing. I figure, breast milk is antibacterial, so I'm hoping nursing will heal it fast, and mouth wounds heal quickly anyways. I guess this was inevitable. Her upper frenulum was so tight. Scott swears Penny talked more today than she has ever. I don't know. Maybe it was impacting her speech. It doesn't really matter now, since it's cut.

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Charlotte Strickland said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. I know it's no fun not feeling well at all. And I hope Penny is doing better.