Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013

I haven't felt like blogging much. By the time I lay down in bed, I just want to read my book, and sleep. Most days it seems there's not enough day light to get everything that needs done, done. Next week starts another busy week. Tomorrow - aquarium with lessons in the afternoon, Tuesday - girl scouts with lessons on the go, Wednesday - Valentine's Party with lessons in the morning, Thursday - I hope nothing with catching up on lessons, Friday - Nature Group. Phew.

I have a gift card to one of my favorite clothing stores, so everyone came with me to shop for clothes. It was depressing. First, I find the mall depressing. Second, the store was trashed for some reason, and as I type this, I feel I should write a letter. The clothes strewn on the floor, and in huge heaps everywhere was a turn off. There's no excuse, Christmas season is over. I ended up only getting a cardigan, an under tank, and socks for everyone. Totally not productive. I'm in desperate need of clothes. I only buy a few things for myself after the holidays, and occasionally for my birthday, and because I have so few clothes, they get worn all year over and over, and fall apart by the time I can buy clothes. That's my pity story.

Penny is getting fed up with my fear of her choking. She wants her food to look like ours. She doesn't want it chopped into smaller pieces. I'm trying to let go as much as possible, easing my mind by cooking/steaming her food slightly longer. Penny wanted these crunchy freeze dried green beans that are salty tonight. I was giving her one at a time as she asked for them. I went upstairs, and Scott gives her a whole bowl of them. I come downstairs, no one is paying attention to her, and she's gagging on a green bean. Ugh. When that happens, I can literally feel the adrenaline gush into my belly all cold, and I start to sweat. With each kid, my fear of choking has gotten worse. I'm trying to get past it.

I miss NYC. So much so, my eyes water when I think about the city. It's been a year. I long to go, just a visit will do.

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