Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

Abby's been working on this story.  It has drawings. I typed it the way she wrote it, complete with her punctuation and spelling.

"Abigail!" called Abigail's mom, Amy. "Time to do scool. Come on."
"Oh no.", said Abigail. Vera and Penny came in Abigail's room. "Go away.", Abigail said.
"Abby Mommy said you have scool." Vera said.
"Yes. I know. Stop Penny!"

Later Abigail went to her room. Abigail read a book. It was called HAWKS MAID. It was a book about a girl name Matty. (Who's real name is Maid Marian.) And a boy who's name is Fynn. Abigail read and read. She was vraey into books. She wrote in her notebook. She wrote: Whan I was tiny I met Abigail O-Ren Takemoto.  She was tooo cool.  Well for me.  My friends said that she was cool too.  I love Abigail O-Ren Takemoto books, but I can see her when I go to the pools in summer.  It is February.  Sometimes I love February. But sometime I do not like February. "Abigail!", called Vera. "Come on. We're going." said Vera. "O.K. I am coming." Abigail said. She wrote: Bye-bye notbook.

Abigail went to zoo. She was happy to go to the zoo. Later Abigail wrote in her notbook. She wrote: I was happy to get home. At the zoo I saw a pony, and the pony looked cute! Nini said that the pony was tooo cute. I that she or he was cute too. I looked at it for a long time. I said to Nini that he or her was tooo COOL!

Abigail sat up in her bed. "Penny come here." she said. "Abby!" called Penny. "COME ON!" yelled Abigail. "O.K." said Penny.

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Leslie Kauffman said...

Just saw this -- how great! Will show to Nini, who as it happens is reading HAWKSMAID right now! We miss you guys in Brooklyn! Love to you all.