Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013

Last weekend, Vera had an ear infection that caused a rupture in her ear drum. She had the worst headache all weekend, and couldn't hear out of her ear. The headache, plus a high fever caused her to have tons of nightmares, and Monday she had a hallucination, which in the moment was kinda scary, but now we chuckle about it. Vera was positive there was a cat in the room. She was terrified, shaking, and crying. I told Abby to get dressed, we're going to the doctors right now. I took Vera to leave the girls room, and behind the door was her cat print bath robe. Girl screamed bloody murder. I had to pick her up, and run downstairs. I plopped her on the couch, and ran back up to get Penny, and when I came back down, she had snapped out of it. The doctor gave us antibiotic ear drops, and the next day the fever had broke, and her head wasn't hurting. I'm seriously over this season of illness. This year has been especially horrible. Everyone and their mother is sick. Get better, people!!

So, I haven't blogged about EC in a long time. We went through a phase where we were having miss after miss. Then last week, Penny got it. She's telling me she has to pee/poop. She says in her sweet little voice, "GO PEEPEE!" We've gone several days completely dry. Today, I remembered I went through a similar phase of misses before a major break through with Vera at about the same age Penny is now. I'm almost done with diapers! Eight years of cloth diapering, and my diapers show it. I do want to give a plug for Ecapants. Awesome trainers. Easy to use, and change. My only issue is the rise on them is too small. Penny fits in a medium waist wise, but she's grown up out of them. I feel like they need to be just a bit longer. But otherwise, if I had the budget, I would have a dozen Ecapants and a stash of awesome woolies and call it a day.

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Jac said...

Effing high fevers. So sorry :( But Awesome Congrats on the ECing!!! We're in the midsts of a toddler induced independence break (she'll go in the grass by herself outside but forgettabout me even suggesting the toilet inside... sigh) so I LOVE hearing a success story...