Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013

Abby starts fencing again next week. She's so happy to be taking fencing classes again.

Abby and Vera, for the most part, have always gotten along. They have the usual sibling arguments, but the disagreements don't hang around or mess up whole days. They pass like quick clouds. I thought we were, and still are, lucky. Penny and Vera's relationship is a whole different bag of nuts. Vera likes to play with Abby or by herself. Most days, Vera sees Penny as a little package of mayhem that needs to be sequestered or nursed. Penny just wants everything Vera has. Everything. If Vera doesn't give up her toys, Penny grabs and starts to throw everything she can reach, and thus begins Vera's screeching.

I realize the biggest contributor to their constant head butting, is their lack of time alone together. Abby is always there. The dynamic always goes Abby and Vera, and Penny and mom. When we split up, Abby and Vera go as a pair, whether to a class, or to play with friends.

My goal is to get Vera and Penny to spend more one on one time. I've been trying during Abby's lessons to get Vera and Penny involved in a play game. They do alright until Penny accidentally messes up the toys or knocks something over. Patience.

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