Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

I was in a foul mood all day. I woke up with Vera smashed into my back, and Penny nursing, but I felt rested since I fell asleep before 11. Vera woke up, and went downstairs to Scott and Abby. I could smell breakfast, but Penny was still asleep, so I lingered. Then I heard, "I dropped my OJ on the carpet!" Yep, I was up. Then, the kids proceeded to spill four cups of orange juice on the carpet before 9:30. I have to borrow my mother's carpet cleaner vacuum thing, that's how much orange juice there is in the carpet. Have I mentioned I hate fucking carpet?

Then I was just annoyed by everyone's presence, and no one was making an effort to leave the house, so I packed up Penny, and we went to Staples to make copies, and to the car tire place because my flat tire warning wasn't turning off since I got the rear tire replaced. (They forgot to reset the sensor, or something. It's off now.) Did I mention the van got a flat on Thursday? Fucking cars. Speaking of fucking cars, Scott changed the oil in his car, and felt very proud of himself. I was annoyed by the kids on the block constantly stepping on my newly sprouted wild flower garden in the front yard. I want to install an electric fence.

Penny asked for pizza for her birthday. Scott made pizza tonight in case he ends up working late next week. She had a white pizza with fresh mozzarella, olives, and garlic. I think next time our pizza needs fresh basil. Penny was really happy with her pizza.

Once the girls were in bed, Scott and I finished watching Lincoln. Scott made me a ginger tea, since my foul mood gave me a nausea. (When am I not nauseated?) Only, he spiked it with brandy! Ginger tea is spicy enough, that I had no idea. None. I felt super relaxed and warm on the couch, then when I stood up, I got that kind of drunk dizzy feeling. That's when Scott came clean about spiking my drink. It worked though. I relaxed enough, I was feeling better.

We all need to have our cranky, blue days on occasion.

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013

I can't sleep so might as well blog.

This September will mark nine years of consecutive nursing. In those years of nursing, no one has ever said a negative thing to me, and I've nursed everywhere. Trains, buses, subways, cabs, museums, restaurants, schools, churches, work, libraries, zoos, everywhere. I've never used a blanket or cover up. I'm a discreet nurser. By nature, I don't like to show too much skin. When I attempt to nurse super discreetly, no one knows. (That's why babywearing is awesome.) But yesterday, I was told I couldn't nurse at a family event. Yep.

I will gladly change my appearance, or clothes if asked. I don't care about my comfort, but I was asked to sacrifice the comfort of my daughter for the comfort of someone else. I think not. My mama bear is angry. Angry at even being asked. Angry at someone who thinks their feelings should be put first over the physical needs of a child of two. Angry that nursing is still not seen as normal.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

We have been so busy, I can't keep up. All my weekends are booked through May 12, and my weeks have activities every day. It must be spring.

Last week, Penny seemed nearly 90% potty trained, then came Saturday. Scott seems to have the hardest time ec'ing Penny on Saturdays. Either she doesn't tell him or he doesn't offer the potty enough, but it sets us back, and I end up trying to reset the ec switch on Sunday/Monday.

Vera starts African drumming/dance today. I'm curious to see how she likes it.