Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013

I can't sleep so might as well blog.

This September will mark nine years of consecutive nursing. In those years of nursing, no one has ever said a negative thing to me, and I've nursed everywhere. Trains, buses, subways, cabs, museums, restaurants, schools, churches, work, libraries, zoos, everywhere. I've never used a blanket or cover up. I'm a discreet nurser. By nature, I don't like to show too much skin. When I attempt to nurse super discreetly, no one knows. (That's why babywearing is awesome.) But yesterday, I was told I couldn't nurse at a family event. Yep.

I will gladly change my appearance, or clothes if asked. I don't care about my comfort, but I was asked to sacrifice the comfort of my daughter for the comfort of someone else. I think not. My mama bear is angry. Angry at even being asked. Angry at someone who thinks their feelings should be put first over the physical needs of a child of two. Angry that nursing is still not seen as normal.

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