Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

I was in a foul mood all day. I woke up with Vera smashed into my back, and Penny nursing, but I felt rested since I fell asleep before 11. Vera woke up, and went downstairs to Scott and Abby. I could smell breakfast, but Penny was still asleep, so I lingered. Then I heard, "I dropped my OJ on the carpet!" Yep, I was up. Then, the kids proceeded to spill four cups of orange juice on the carpet before 9:30. I have to borrow my mother's carpet cleaner vacuum thing, that's how much orange juice there is in the carpet. Have I mentioned I hate fucking carpet?

Then I was just annoyed by everyone's presence, and no one was making an effort to leave the house, so I packed up Penny, and we went to Staples to make copies, and to the car tire place because my flat tire warning wasn't turning off since I got the rear tire replaced. (They forgot to reset the sensor, or something. It's off now.) Did I mention the van got a flat on Thursday? Fucking cars. Speaking of fucking cars, Scott changed the oil in his car, and felt very proud of himself. I was annoyed by the kids on the block constantly stepping on my newly sprouted wild flower garden in the front yard. I want to install an electric fence.

Penny asked for pizza for her birthday. Scott made pizza tonight in case he ends up working late next week. She had a white pizza with fresh mozzarella, olives, and garlic. I think next time our pizza needs fresh basil. Penny was really happy with her pizza.

Once the girls were in bed, Scott and I finished watching Lincoln. Scott made me a ginger tea, since my foul mood gave me a nausea. (When am I not nauseated?) Only, he spiked it with brandy! Ginger tea is spicy enough, that I had no idea. None. I felt super relaxed and warm on the couch, then when I stood up, I got that kind of drunk dizzy feeling. That's when Scott came clean about spiking my drink. It worked though. I relaxed enough, I was feeling better.

We all need to have our cranky, blue days on occasion.

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