Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31,2013

I've been slowly eating tomatoes and peppers once a week. Penny seems OK. I really want tomatoes and peppers back. I would trade the night shade sensitivity for a gluten sensitivity any day. I actually had potatoes this week. I offered some to Penny, but she wouldn't eat them, but no secondary problems that I could see. Maybe she's finally outgrowing it!

So, Penny has turned out to be a really picky eater, and some days I think I caused it, because of my own issues. Sometimes, she won't even try a food we've made. She loves rice. If there's rice in a dinner, it's all she'll eat. Rice cakes are a favorite snack, and they have to be plain. Broccoli is acceptable, and frozen peas are considered good. Any kind of berry is delicious. I'm working on her.

Splitting Abby's math up has turned out to be for the best. She's not filled with doom and gloom when we start math, and she's not mentally fatigued afterwards. I did double up her writing lessons to do two lessons twice a week. It frees up more time later in the week for other stuff. I also split up Vera's math. She does the meeting book and lesson, then the next day does the worksheet. She kept dragging her feet through the worksheet, and instead of pushing her through it, I just save it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

We had a crazy long day today. Drumming in the morning, and a farewell gathering in the afternoon. Now, I'm nursing a headache, and Penny is not sleepy in the least. I'm looking forward to a quiet week ahead.

Penny had a growth spurt. All of a sudden her 18-24 month size clothes are fitting a bit too small. I've been procrastinating digging out the 2t clothes. Can't she stay tiny forever?!

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Why I won't get rid of our couch.

Several family members have commented on the state of our couch. It's stained. It has bunny bites. It's not super comfortable. It squeaks. It's wonderful. I labored with Vera and Penny on it. The cushions make the perfect blocks for huge forts. (And there's six of them!) The wood frame comes apart, and folds down to fit in moving vans. It's wide enough to sleep on. I can hide toys under it. Mice can't burrow into it. (Once, many years ago, before kids, when Scott and I lived in west Baltimore, we had a normal couch, and when I took the cushions off to clean, a mouse had moved into the innards of the couch. I now choose furniture that pests can't invade.) I still have young kids with dirty hands and feet. The cushions are used to make jumping pads, and stair slides. I'm keeping the couch until it dies.

I've decided to split Abby's math lessons up. The math has gotten more involved, but the number of actual problems hasn't decreased. 30 problems of long division, multiplication, and two step equations take much longer to do, than 30 problems of addition/subtraction and simple multiplication. It's been taking Abby upwards of three hours to finish one math lesson. So we're going to do the mental math, problem solving, lesson, and lesson practice one day, and the 30 mixed practice problems the next. Three hours is crazy.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

I was gifted an iPhone 4. It's well loved, and the home button wasn't working. I did some research, and tried some things, and I got that home button working. It's still slow to respond sometimes, but eventually, Scott will have to replace the button, which will involve lots of tiny screws, a plastic pry tool, and a new button, but it will cost under ten dollars to fix. So far, I love the camera on it, but the os is so funky. After using Android, iOS seems cluttered to me. All those apps just hanging out front and center with no where to put them. So I'm using an iPhone for my instgramming and photos. I'm in the cool crowd now.

Penny's two year molars are poking through. The first one, on her lower left, is half way out. Right before it broke, she was nursing like a newborn, so I'm not looking forward to the others. The right lower one is looking to break through soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

My baby is two! Two! Penny is a pretty awesome kid. There's something about her that makes me want to smoosh her with hugs all the time. Her sense of humor is hilarious, and I hope it stays. Penny is the only kid of mine that refuses to adopt a nickname for nursing. She prefers to yell like a baby bird, "I want AHHH!" The girl can stand her own among her sisters. Oh! I don't want to forget this. Penny calls princesses, dabadees. The dabadee word came about when she tried to say barbie, and it has stuck. Anything fancy is dabadee. It's a dabadee skirt, or dabadee dress. Now, she's got everyone saying dabadee instead of princess or barbie.

If I could relive one day, it would be Penny's birth. Yep. Labor and pain and all. That day still gives me an inner strength and peace when I remember it. Penny was my second home birth VBAC. My labor with her was something special.

So Scott and I couldn't decide and agree on a birthday gift for Penny. When Scott and I can't decide or agree on something, we tend to just forget it and move on, unless of course, a decision must be made. I wanted to get her some doll diapers, or doll clothes, or this really awesome doll stroller I saw on Etsy, but Scott vetoed all doll related toys. He wants to paint chalkboard paint along one dinning room wall since Penny has drawn on nearly every wall downstairs. I said I'd like to see this chalkboard painting actually happen. Shopping for my own kids is incredibly hard. I can't remember if we even got Vera a birthday gift this year. I don't think we did. Does this make us horrible parents?

I went to the blogger party at work tonight, mostly to drink wine, eat, and talk with my lovely lady friends, but to see other bloggers in the area as well. I don't consider myself a "blogger" and I don't have anything unique or special to say. Seven and a half years ago, I started this blog to keep family and friends up to date when we moved to NYC, now it's a public journal, I guess. Someday, I'll export all these posts, and get them printed, and give them to the girls when they're older. I'm sure it'll be massive. Does anyone other than a few friends even read this?