Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17, 2013

Why I won't get rid of our couch.

Several family members have commented on the state of our couch. It's stained. It has bunny bites. It's not super comfortable. It squeaks. It's wonderful. I labored with Vera and Penny on it. The cushions make the perfect blocks for huge forts. (And there's six of them!) The wood frame comes apart, and folds down to fit in moving vans. It's wide enough to sleep on. I can hide toys under it. Mice can't burrow into it. (Once, many years ago, before kids, when Scott and I lived in west Baltimore, we had a normal couch, and when I took the cushions off to clean, a mouse had moved into the innards of the couch. I now choose furniture that pests can't invade.) I still have young kids with dirty hands and feet. The cushions are used to make jumping pads, and stair slides. I'm keeping the couch until it dies.

I've decided to split Abby's math lessons up. The math has gotten more involved, but the number of actual problems hasn't decreased. 30 problems of long division, multiplication, and two step equations take much longer to do, than 30 problems of addition/subtraction and simple multiplication. It's been taking Abby upwards of three hours to finish one math lesson. So we're going to do the mental math, problem solving, lesson, and lesson practice one day, and the 30 mixed practice problems the next. Three hours is crazy.

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Jac said...

Ha! keep the couch. that rocks :)