Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31,2013

I've been slowly eating tomatoes and peppers once a week. Penny seems OK. I really want tomatoes and peppers back. I would trade the night shade sensitivity for a gluten sensitivity any day. I actually had potatoes this week. I offered some to Penny, but she wouldn't eat them, but no secondary problems that I could see. Maybe she's finally outgrowing it!

So, Penny has turned out to be a really picky eater, and some days I think I caused it, because of my own issues. Sometimes, she won't even try a food we've made. She loves rice. If there's rice in a dinner, it's all she'll eat. Rice cakes are a favorite snack, and they have to be plain. Broccoli is acceptable, and frozen peas are considered good. Any kind of berry is delicious. I'm working on her.

Splitting Abby's math up has turned out to be for the best. She's not filled with doom and gloom when we start math, and she's not mentally fatigued afterwards. I did double up her writing lessons to do two lessons twice a week. It frees up more time later in the week for other stuff. I also split up Vera's math. She does the meeting book and lesson, then the next day does the worksheet. She kept dragging her feet through the worksheet, and instead of pushing her through it, I just save it.

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