Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

I was gifted an iPhone 4. It's well loved, and the home button wasn't working. I did some research, and tried some things, and I got that home button working. It's still slow to respond sometimes, but eventually, Scott will have to replace the button, which will involve lots of tiny screws, a plastic pry tool, and a new button, but it will cost under ten dollars to fix. So far, I love the camera on it, but the os is so funky. After using Android, iOS seems cluttered to me. All those apps just hanging out front and center with no where to put them. So I'm using an iPhone for my instgramming and photos. I'm in the cool crowd now.

Penny's two year molars are poking through. The first one, on her lower left, is half way out. Right before it broke, she was nursing like a newborn, so I'm not looking forward to the others. The right lower one is looking to break through soon.

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Jac said...

omg, right?? molars and newborn nursing....