Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013

We've been taking it slow around here. The end of June is going to get busy again, so I'm enjoying out plan-less weeks while I can. It's nice to do lessons without a time constraint, eat a leasurly lunch, and then play at the park the rest of the afternoon. But, it's days like now when I desperately miss our beloved Owl's Head park and sprinklers. We have yet to meet a regular crowd at the park we frequent. The kids and parents are ever changing. Single serving friends are no fun.

Penny has been sleeping restlessly at night. She's hungry! The girl barely eats her dinner, nurses to sleep, then wakes up at 3am ravenous. She is way too picky. This evening, she wanted to nurse to sleep at 6:30. I stuck her in the bath tub to play so she wouldn't fall asleep so early, and to get her to eat dinner. Penny turned her nose up at Bubbie's Pickles! What kid doesn't like pickles? She did eat a few bites of meat, and then decided nursing was better than dinner yet again, and fell asleep. If dinner doesn't include rice, she doesn't want it. Sometimes picky eating is a sign of a food sensitivity, but I'm thinking it's more of a visual aversion to certain foods, if that makes sense. She thinks it looks unappetizing. And everyday her pickiness changes. I try so hard not to make food an issue, and I don't want to be that parent that's like, Eat, and forcebly shoving food in every five minutes. So I offer her food as much as I can, because some nights nursing is just not enough for her. A few nights ago after nursing for an hour straight, she woke up completely, and her stomach was growling!

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Jac said...

ugh. so sorry! night nursing for hours on end is exxxxhausting. good luck :)