Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

It's been a crazy month. By the time I get into bed, I am done.

Penny has been rocking the potty independence. It makes travelling that much easier. Her last two year molar is half way out! She's been nursing around the clock the last few days, and it's made me realize how much I love nursing. I do. I complain sometimes, like when we're on night three of continuous nursing, and I'm t i r e d, but for the most part it's wonderful. I noticed sometime ago, that if I nurse Penny on the couch at about 2 or 3 pm, I cannot stay awake at all. It's kinda funny. The girls will want a book read, and we'll all sit down on the couch, and Penny will want to nurse, and I am literally fighting to stay awake. There's been times when I've asked the older girls to let me quickly nap while Penny nurses. Those oxytocin hormones are beasts! I want to make it to a decade of nursing. I have one more year.

The girls and I have hit a nice stride with lessons. Everyone has been finishing by noon. Vera does handwriting, math, and reads either an easy reader or two BOB books. Abby does her usual with the math split over two days. I've been splitting Vera's math lesson as well. Meeting book and lesson one day, and worksheet the next. Why didn't I think to do this with Abby way back when? Though, Vera is not where I wanted to be by now. I wanted to be half way through Math 1, but we're a little more than a fourth of the way through. Penny asks to do lessons, too. She's usually satisfied with crayons and a coloring book.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

The Fourth was great this year. We were in an early morning parade with the shop. The girls were so happy, and handed out lollipops to kids on the sidelines. Scott wasn't going to go with us, but he ended up waking up the same time we did, and tagged along. On the way home, he said he was glad he went. It was fun. Once home, Penny, Scott and I took a two hour nap, while the older ones watched a movie. How Abby and Vera stayed awake is beyond me. Then it was time to head to the Inner Harbor for the aquarium party and fireworks. I will never see fireworks any other way. The aquarium was well worth the ticket price. The pier wasn't crowded, there were lots of crafts, activities and even a small play. The kids were so preoccupied they didn't get to go into the aquarium. Scott said the aquarium inside was totally empty and peaceful. Next year, we'll make an effort to walk around inside. The aquarium pier really is the perfect spot to see the fireworks. They were spectacular. Penny was not a fan. After the first few, she started screaming, Go Home! I covered her ears, and told her to close her eyes, and she fell asleep for about ten minutes. Towards the end, she was nervous but fascinated.

Penny is totally potty trained. If Scott can take her out of the house in undies all day without me, she's done with diapers. Guess I should pack away the rest of the diapers.

Vera has mastered her bike. I can't keep up with Abby and Vera anymore when they ride their bikes, and they get frustrated with riding way up ahead, and then back to me. I'd like a bike with a toddler seat to keep up! Penny just fits Vera's old balance bike, and soon she'll be keeping up with Vera and Abby.