Thursday, September 19, 2013

Abby started her physics lab today.  We discovered gravity and mass using a potato drop that we built.  All the girls had fun dropping potatoes on toothpicks.  I still need to get denatured alcohol so we can finish the chemistry lab.  I'm having such a hard time getting it! This weekend, I'm making the effort to find a cup.

Abby is close to finishing Math 4/5.  I hope to be finished with it before the holidays.  I want to start Math 5/6 after the holidays.  She's also finished First Language Lessons 3, and we're now totally in all fourth/fifth grade work. I need to work on making sure Vera gets her work done everyday.  Some days that's easier than other days.  Math 1 always requires extra things that I need to make sure to have on hand, and most times I am horrible at pre-planning, and Scott forgets or doesn't have the time to pick the stuff up.  Like we needed peanuts in their shells, and for some reason Whole Foods didn't have peanuts, and the CVS next door didn't either.  So I'm stuck trying to do this lesson with pistachios.  At least pistachios have two parts to their shells.

Penny's last two year molar finally poked through!  Joy!

I took a facebook break this week. I needed some separation. It doesn't consume my time, but it's more of a mental break to save my sanity. Alone time.

Greenberries is hosting a babywearing certification course through The Center for Babywearing Studies.  If anyone is interested in becoming a certified babywearing educator, please contact me ASAP.  This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your knowledge of babywearing to support parents and caregivers, and this course will offer continuing education credits through Lamaze and DONA. We still have a few spots open, and a special sign up sale.

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